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A SPECTACULAR Peter Pan Party!

How to Throw the Perfect Peter Pan Party!

Consider this your guide to the ultimate Peter Pan Party! With my sons birthday only a few weeks away it reminded me that I have yet to post his past two birthday parties. Honestly I think it was my very favorite party that I have ever thrown. My kids have always been suckers for Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Tinker Bell. Peter Pan is almost always the first ride of the day when we go to Disneyland and is usually also the ride with the longest wait time out of the smaller kid rides. But we go on it over and over again! Which ps…the Peter Pan ride is closed at Disney right now and I cannot wait to see what they do to it! It may have needed a little updating! But anyways back to the party. A good party always starts with a good invite. We had fun delivering these ones. I got the invites here and the feathers here and the printable here. I got the bags from a local party store that also has a online shop. I also got giant balloons and other fun things from there.
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Peter Pan Party Decorations
Ok so here it goes. Right when you walk into the party there is the chalk board sign with the Peter Pan quote
Peter Pan Party Decorations
As you walk in there is silhouettes of the peter pan characters flying to Neverland! These were made by using a projector and enlarging the images and then tracing them on a large black roll of paper. I will have to admit I could not get these to stay on my wall for the life of me so we glue gunned them to the wall


Peter Pan Party Decorations

Right when the grass starts there was this large sign that I painted on pieces of wood that I had cut at Home Depot that showed what the stations were and different Peter Pan things. I got the balloons at Petite Party Studio. Which now they actually have a fun new balloon bar in their store for all you local Arizona people!

Peter Pan Party Decorations
There was then a table set up. That had fairy wings that I found at the dollar store. Peter Pan hats that I had made from an etsy shop that I cannot seem to find anymore. They were felt and turned out great! My kids actually still have and play with these hats and it has been 2 years! And then pirate hooks and mustaches and hats for those who wanted to dress like a pirate. I had swords and fairy wands.


Peter Pan Party Decorations
Peter Pan Party Decorations
The party was all outside this was the table set up (I was missing a few things when I took the picture) but will give you close ups of what was on the table.
Peter Pan Party Decorations
The homemade funfetti cupcakes that my mom made for the party. The toppers and cupcake wrappers are in the links above from the easy shops that I purchased printables from.
Peter Pan Cupcakes
Each child got to take home their personal container of pixie dust. I took sand from the craft store and mixed in colorful glitter and lots of green glitter. and I tied them with the pixie dust printable.
Peter Pan Party Decorations Pixie Dust
I personally wrapped little chocolate bars with personalized wrappers.


Peter Pan Party Decorations
I got the mini sprite containers and tied them with paper straws and mini flags.


Peter Pan Party Decorations and Food
And mini water bottles wrapped.


Peter Pan Party Decorations and Food
Peter Pan Party Food
Lost Boys Trail Mix


Peter Pan Party Snacks
Pirate Boat Sugar Cookies
Peter Pan Party Cookies


Each child had a bag that was the “Thank You” take home bag where they put their prizes in from the stations around the party.


One of the stations were the “Pirates Cove” Each child got a pirates map with a compass tied on to it and a pirates mask. I had a baby pool full of sand and all kinds of treasure. The kids all lined up and we had a timer and they got to dig for 10 seconds and collect as much treasure as they could! After all the stations were gone the kids kept coming back to this one to find any hidden treasure that was missed!


The next station was the “Indian Camp” the kids made their own indian head bands and  lined up and walked around singing “Were Following the Leader the Leader the Leader” and took turns going around the yard in different directions.







The kids also enjoyed planning in the teepee that my sister Savannah made for me for the party! This teepee is still in my kids playroom and they enjoy playing with it
The next station was the walk the plank with the tick tock crock in the water and a hook silhouette on the wall. The kids took turns going across the wood plank. I got the wood plank from Home Depot and using white paint I stenciled on letters. The Hook silhouette was done the same way as the peter pan ones of the group flying when the kids entered the party.


The next was the mermaid lagoon. I put fabric cut out to look like mermaid fins on gunny sacs. We had a bubble machine going and the kids did races.




We served lunch which was mini hamburger sliders and fruit kabobs and chips plus all the treats
We had a treasure box piñata that the kids going to break


And we finished by openings gifts and sang happy birthday with the cupcakes


And by the end we had one cute and happy birthday boy!
Peter Pan Party Decorations


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