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Sugar Cookies


When I was a little girl for Valentines Day I asked my mom to make personalized sugar cookies for each kid in the class. The store bought valentines just never were enough! Lets just say that I have always been a fan of sugar cookies and lucky enough my husbands favorite cookie is also a sugar cookie!

The kids were all asleep and I had an itch to make some cookies (unfortunately I get this dessert “itch” almost daily..) I stumbled upon this sugar cookie recipe. These cookies take just as long as chocolate chip cookies do! Which to me says…fast and easy! They were a hit in our house! And they were a hit at the swim party that I took them to that night! Give these quick and easy sugar cookies a try!

Recipe is by: Vintage Revivals


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  1. I was wondering if the butter is salted or unsalted? And in making the frosting it says to add salt but that’s not listed as one of the ingredients?

    Thank you!