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Watermelon Cooler

Watermelon and summer go hand in hand in our home! My kids go through about a watermelon a week in the summertime. I almost always have one in our home for days when my kids are playing in the water or swimming that day. Just a easy and refreshing snack for them!

 It is the last week of school for my kids and the weather has just been amazing! So that only means one thing…more time to spend outside before the dreaded summer heat hits! Our grill is about to hit its peak where we spend a lot of our time cooking on it instead of heating up the house with the oven. And when the grilling happens it is always fun to have a summery drink to go along with the food. This drinks just happens to be just that! I recently received a Blendtec blender and have absolutely loved it! They even have some great deals going on if you are looking to invest in a good blender! Here is a link so check it out! So check it out!

Watermelon Cooler

3 cups watermelon-chunked and seeded
1/2 pint lemon sorbet
1/2 tray of ice cubes
2 Tablespoons purple grape juice

Place all ingredients in a blendtec blender and pulse until ice is chopped. Then continue to blend on high speed until smooth.

So whip this drink up to kick off your summer and you will not be disappointed!

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