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What Happens On An Organic Dairy Farm?

A couple of weeks ago I went on a very last minute trip to Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire to visit Stonyfield Organics organic dairy farms. I am a part of one of their blogger groups and have loved working with them and have always loved their products for myself but especially for my children. But after this trip I have realized the amazing health benefits for my entire family with eating an organic diet. My eyes have been wide open!


We spent 4 days road tripping through Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire and visited 3 different farms. Two of these farms once were regular dairy farms and then switched to being organic farms and have realized how important this change has been for their farms and for their animals. The other farm that we visited is a non profit organization who has amazing activities for families and has amazing views of the Maine coastal line. We were able to kayak and spent time on the property. I wish this farm wasn’t on the other side of the continent so that I could take my family there! Looks like we will have to make a special trip out to the New England area! 
We learned about the special precautions that these farmers are willing to take the extra time to do to make sure that their farms and products are organic! It was eye opening realizing that these farmers are willing to do this to make sure their farms are organic because they believe in it!


Another day we spent in the Stonyfield plant learning how they produce their different products and also the special precautions they also take to make sure that everything is organic. I was also mind blown with how they reduce their amount of waste. They do everything that can to make sure that they provide the least amount of waste as possible which in turn is better for our environment! Below is 7 fun facts about organic dairy provided by some of the Stonyfield staff! 


*Seven Facts About Organic Dairy* 

• Unlike foods labeled “natural”, foods carrying the USDA organic seal are grown and processed according to strict third-party audited standards. It’s a seal that isn’t just chosen, it’s earned. 

• In order to carry the USDA seal, Organic food must be produced without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, synthetic growth hormones, and antibiotics. That makes it safer for you and the people growing it. 

•Science is now starting to show that some organic foods may really be better for you for reasons beyond just avoiding toxic persistent chemicals. For instance, one recent study suggests that full-fat organic dairy may help to improve your balance of Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids, a ratio that is critical for good health and brain development. 

• Animals raised on organic farms have to be treated humanely. For instance, organic dairy cows are required to spend ample time outside, grazing on grass (120 days a year at minimum), just as nature intended. Veterinarians tell us that organic cows live twice as long as cows not grown organically. 

• Genetically modified or engineered organisms (also known as GMOS) are not allowed in organic food production. 

• Organic farming practices are better for the environment, and therefore for all of us. Because toxic persistent pesticides are prohibited, those chemicals won’t end up in the land, air, or our groundwater, lakes, rivers and streams. 

• Buying organic shows the food industry that you care about how your food is grown and made. Every organic purchase is a vote with your dollars and can influence the choices businesses make. A cup of organic yogurt much more than just a delicious snack, it is a vote for a toxic-free future for us all.


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  1. I really appreciate that you talked about how an organic farm never uses antibiotics, hormones, or other chemicals. My spouse and I are trying to eat food that is much better for ourselves and our environment. We need to find a local supplier that has organic dairy products that we can use in our household.