Best Adult Halloween Costumes of 2017

Adult Halloween Party


Every year I look forward to my annual Halloween party. Where a bunch of my friends come over and we throw an adults only Halloween costume party! Here are some links to some of the previous years costumes. This has been going over for 7 years and I am sad every year when the party is over! Last year was another year for the books! The past several years I have decided to use Minted.com for my Halloween invites! They are always customized with envelopes, labels and stamps and I love sending them out each year! Each holiday they always have such a great variety of different cards, invitations, and other items for sale! They are always top of the line and my favorite company to use!




Since the party has been going on for 7 years and a lot of the couples have been coming for the whole 7 years all my friends think long and hard about what costume to show up in! And let me tell you there are some very creative people that come! I love that my friends love it as much as I do and spend lots of time and effort of their costumes!

My husband and I decided to show up as the Ring Masters. A group of my friends that have been coming for 7 years decided to do a group costume this year which has never been done. So a group of a dozen of us did circus themed costumes.

I also have been doing the Polaroid camera pictures that I hang up to make it easier for the voting system to work and also so each couple can take home a picture of themselves to keep!


























Party Food

For the food this year I decided to do pizza and wings and had my food truck, The Hot Cookie Truck come and do the dessert! I loved having these fun food place cards that Minted did for me.


Party Decorations

For the decorations I did a variety of different things and I also hired a guy to come and set up a little 3 room haunted house for everyone to go through.




And into the haunted house…










And here are a few of this years trophies for the costume categories!




Well there is a little recap of last years Halloween Party! I can’t wait for the next Halloween party next month!
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