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Kitchen Gadget list for Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner what a better time to talk about my favorite kitchen gadgets that I have in my kitchen right now and the things that I am currently wanting in my kitchen!

The first thing up in my Bosch I use it almost daily and it is by far my favorite thing in my kitchen. I got mine for a wedding gift from my grandma and have been using it for the past almost 8 years.

And my favorite bosch attachment is  the cookie paddles  that I use these every single time I make cookies!
Another well used gadget in my kitchen is my panini press. My kids love peanut butter & jelly and grilled cheeses on them. I use it on weekends for quick lunches and is great for panini bar parties.
A must have for baking cookies is a silpat baking liner for your cookie sheets. I do not like to bake cookies without them!
Along with good cookie sheets and silpat mats you can never have enough cooling racks
And now onto something that is probably used 3-4 times a week my electric griddle. Perfect for french toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes.
Now onto my Christmas list of things that I would love to add to my kitchen. Some are updates of old things that I have and love and some are new! First up is this deluxe icing set.
A great tool to have for clean up is this bench scraper. Makes scraping dried chocolate from dipping caramel pretzels or another dipped things easy to get off or the flour from bread or cinnamon rolls. 
A culinary torch is always something fun to have on hand
I have a mini food processor but have always wanted a bigger and better one so this kitchen aid 9-cup food processor would be amazing.
Also check out Wayfair’s name brand discounted cookware here. Plus a cooking and baking basics sale here and small appliance and accessories here.
*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Wayfair. However all thoughts and opinions are my own. 
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