Halloween Party Idea | 12th Annual Prom

Halloween Party Idea | Prom Edition

Happy Halloween, everyone! This was the 12th Annual Bendixen Halloween Party and it was AMAZING! Check out this Halloween party idea!

Also look at the past few years for ideas:

I am sitting at my computer reliving one of the best nights of the year – our annual Halloween party that happened over the weekend! The Bendixen Halloween party is our annual adults only bash and this year the theme was….PROM! We have been planning this for months alongside our favorite planner Debbie Anderson Weddings and Events. She is a dear friend and has planned so many amazing events for our entire extended family. My DMs are blowing up with requests for all of the vendors and I wanted to get this out to you as quickly as possible!

Halloween Party Vendor List:

The Venue

To fit the theme, we had the party in an actual gymnasium!! This gave everyone plenty of space to mingle and dance. I am SO glad we did this and brought the theme to life!

The Balloons

Pop It by Kris did such an amazing job with these epic balloon setup. 

The marquee letters from Alpha Lit Phoenix add so much to any party. I do my best to book them for every event I have and they never disappoint. What could be a better photo opp?!

All of the ladies were welcomed to prom with a black rose corsage. I love doing something out of the box right when people come in to set the mood for the entire night. This was the perfect touch.

Is it really PROM if we don’t vote for a King and Queen!? We did superlatives as well so we could have lots of winners!

This was the setup for the 360 degree photobooth. Holy cow – these photos were next level! Everyone was so excited to have these to share on social and have a memory documented in a unique way. It would have taken up too much space at my house, but it was truly perfect for this venue.

Food and Drinks

I don’t usually make the desserts for my own parties just because it’s a lot to take on when I have so many other tasks on my plate. There was something about this party that I felt inclined to make some of my favorite treats for us all to enjoy! I made a few different recipes that you can find here on the blog, but the biggest hit was the mini chocolate bundt cakes! It was also a way I could save a little since I went big on the decor!

The highlight of the dessert bar were the gourmet caramel apples from my mom, Elizabeth Banks Catering. No one does this better than her! October is a very busy month for her catering company so when we was able to squeeze in this party, I knew everyone was going to be excited!

The bar with specialty mocktails was busy the entire night! Especially in my group of friends, drinks are just as important as the food! We came up with a few themed drinks, but guests could order any soda combination they would like!

If you haven’t heard of the brand Liquid Death – it’s canned water that is perfect for Halloween! They have still water AND sparkling water in tall boy cans. They were so fun and festive!

If I could have everyone who reads my blog and recreates my recipes in one room – that would be my dream! Someday, I’m going to figure out how to make that happen! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photos and have the best Halloween EVER! 

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