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Turkey Bratwurst and Potato Kabobs with Mustard Glaze

Turkey Bratwurst and Potato Kabobs

Kabobs are my jam. They really are! These Turkey Bratwurst and Potato Kabobs are the bomb.  My family gets so excited to prep them with me or when they see me grilling them. I don’t know what it is about kabobs but they are just so much more fun to eat! Especially for my children. They try veggies that they otherwise wouldn’t. And of course to top it off all the food is cute bite size which is way more cute and easier to eat!
Finding different things to grill on my kabobs is sometimes my downfall. So when Honeysuckle White turkey had these turkey bratwurst and potato kabobs with mustard sauce I knew it would be right up our families alley! Their turkey bratwurst are super yummy, jam packed with flavor, priced at a good price, and made with high quality ingredients. Quadruple win if you ask me!
Last time I had these teriyaki turkey kabobs and they were gobbled up! Plus you can read more about my visit to the turkey farm!!!
Now I can’t wait to give these Turkey Bratwurst and Potato Kabobs with a Mustard Glaze a try! Check out the recipe here!
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