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Sides For Thanksgiving

Sides for Thanksgiving

No one wants to bring sides for Thanksgiving that fall flat!  Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am SO excited! Unless you’re hosting, you probably aren’t signing up to bring a turkey or maybe a ham – but I’m sure you’re responsible for a bringing a yummy side! If we are being honest, the sides are my very favorite part! The amazing assortment of side dishes is what separates Thanksgiving from any other turkey dinner.

The best sides for Thanksgiving (in no order!):

Mashed Potatoes

A sides for Thanksgiving staple! If you’re going to have one side, it has to be mashed potatoes, right? This recipe is so simple and will keep you from getting sticky or glue-like mashed potatoes. 

mashed potatoes - Sides for Thanksgiving

Green Bean Casserole

My family is obsessed with the crunchy onions on this green bean casserole. When it comes to this recipe, I feel like everyone makes it just a bit different! I have tried them all and this one takes the cake as our family’s favorite.

green bean casserole - Sides for Thanksgiving

Knotted Rolls – Sides For Thanksgiving you do not want to miss!

This is where I get sentimental because this is actually my mom’s recipe! I make these almost every single week. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them!

Creamy Spinach Artichoke Dip

One of my personal must-haves! I have this out as my guests arrive so they have something to munch on while I get the table set.

The BEST Cheese Ball

This is my Thanksgiving secret recipe because everyone is always SO impressed! The truth is, this is the easiest recipe of the entire day!! This cheese ball is so yummy and simple but really elevates the entire meal.


Sweet Potato Casserole

This casserole is sweet and sugary – the perfect compliment to the turkey and creamy mashed potatoes! If you had to pick, sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes, which would your family choose?

Cornbread Stuffing

A variation to Thanksgiving staple! The cornbread stuffing is what I’m often remembered for! If I am going to a friendsgiving, this is what I bring because I know no one else will bring anything like it! It really is so tasty.

Brown Sugar Carrots

We have to have a veggie right?! My kids LOVE these carrots! SO

brown sugar carrots recipe

Creamed Corn 

Creamed corn is always on our Thanksgiving menu! It really has such a nice, mild creamy flavor that I think breaks up some of the other salty and sweet recipes.

Glazed Orange Rolls

A dessert? A side? I think it’s both! These are the traditional knotted rolls with an orange glaze that will have you coming back for “just one more bite!”

Cranberry Sauce

You didn’t think I forgot this classic, did you? I love this variation of cranberry sauce! Don’t worry, I always have a can on hand as well just to make sure everyone has their favorite!

Loaded Bacon Green Beans

The bacon really makes this recipe – don’t skip them! Even your kids who don’t like veggies will have a bite of this.

Strawberry Pretzel Jello Salad

Another recipe that treads the line of dessert and a side – I’ll take it!

Roasted Maple Brussel Sprouts, Bacon and Squash

An ideal Fall recipe! This is full of warm spices that make me feel in the season. If you’re making the green beans, you’ll have two bacon side dishes!

What are your favorite sides for Thanksgiving? Any more I should add to this list? Tell me below and I can update this post!

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